FINALLY!!! // 26th February 2012 //

after a year!!! and 5 surgeries my butt is finally starting to be normal again!!!

damn fistulas i swear! id say only another month now til i am allllll normal again and can go back to SITTING normal and doing the things i love! 

but i also have strep throat right now and idk how i got it in like 75 degree wether… but oh well im just glad something is finally going right.

hope all my crohns buddys on this are getting better as well! 

Well Well Well // 22nd November 2011 //

Its been awhile since i have posted anything on this. Life has got a lot better since last time!!!! I have a gf now! and we are in love. I never thought i would be able to love another again after what happened just over a year ago. My heart was broken and i never thought the scar would heal. But I realized i am strong and ive let it go. And now, finally love is apart of me once again. No matter what happens i know how to deal with it. And i know lots more now. Hopefully things will go better =) im excited to see where this will go. 

And in other news about my health i am STILL recovering…. it has been a long road. but things have got a lot better. I have 2 drains in my ass. One is coming out in dec!!!! what usually takes 3 months, it has been taking 9…. and it will probably be a whole fucking year til i am 100% but i am still here. and thanks to all my friends and fam im still strong. Idk when i will be totally healthy again. But hopefully soon. Its been 8 surgeries so far… and about 2 years worth of time taken away from me of not being able to work, play baseball, do everything i want. not be able to sit normal. Not at 2 years straight. but at different times. 

I am on a new drug called Remicade. it has about a 5% cancer risk, and about another 10% causing some big problem.s but ever since i have been on it, i have been feeling and healing lots better. I have had 4 treatments so far and now i go back everything 2months. This drug is supposed to make sure that nothing else comes back. I sure hope it will work, because this is pretty much the last treatment option we have. We have tried everything else. At least, i dont care if i have a flare up just if the fucking fistula comes back…. hopefully it wont. 

anyway update on my life =) 

GIANTS WORLD CHAMPS!!!! // 2nd September 2011 //

Video Games in Real Life: Street Fighter (by TheWarpZone)


Chris Brown - Next To You ft. Justin Bieber (DAVE DAYS COVER FEAT. MEGAN NICOLE) (by davedays)


Greatest putt-putt shot of all time (by kylejoshuacox)

pretty amazing


THE POODLES - Metal Will Stand Tall (2007) (by afmrecords)


The Script - For the First Time (Piano cover by Corey Gray) (by officialcoreygray)


DIVE - Fall Away (Album version) (by Divemusicnj)


"Lonely Day" - System Of A Down (Cover) (by zeldaxlove64)


Moves Like Jagger (Acoustic) - Katy McAllister and Tyler Ward - Maroon 5 (by KatyMcAllisterMusic)

lots of fun haha